Local Events Browser

4 This is coming a little late, but I’ve been pretty excited by some of my recent work in a new team at Yahoo!, namely the Local Events Browser. It’s an Ajax heavy super-mashup across a lot of REST APIs. What makes the application “cool? (IMHO) is that is all client-side Javascript – the only server involvement is Yahoo!s public APIs serving up XML data. The whole app fits into less than 100k of downloadable code. It seems likely that we’ll see more and more client-side code for the “presentation? aspects of a web application and less and less server-side UI creation. Another trend will be to more and more multiple server-side API usage – the Event Browser used 5 and we could see how others could have been used:

  1. Maps 4.0 AJAX
  2. Term Extraction
  3. Image Search
  4. Geocoding
  5. Local Search

My previous life (as a Senior Researcher at FXPAL) involved working in cross-disciplinary teams, and its great to see the same advantages of differing strengths and perspectives coming together in such a short-term project – with everyone involved throughout all stages of the design and implementation. Thanks Ed, Karon, Sam and Nate!

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